Sreeja Reddy
I couldn't have asked for a more incredible wedding photographer than my dear friend Alan. His talent behind the lens is only surpassed by his warmth and genuine care for capturing every moment of our special day. He ensured that he single handedly got me better pictures than a whole team of photographers  . He knew through the whole celebration the special moments, key moments that we would have loved to look back at and delivered to the dot. 
Alan exceeded all expectations, delivering memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you for not just being our photographer, but for being a cherished part of my wedding day and for being there as my special guest. ❤️

Anna Joseph
Alan is always keen to ask what the client wants and is enthusiastic to suggest ideas.  He’s calm and patiently waits to capture the right moments while giving the model a lot of autonomy to pose. He is a talented photographer who is very receptive and accommodating. I was looking for a universal photo for my profile as an artist and a designer and Alan delivered exactly what I wanted. 
I wish you the very best on your journey, Alan!
Aishwarya Chandrashekar 
Working with alan chettan was very comfortable and one of the best work i did. He is one of the best photographer i have seen . Wishing to have more works with him
Working with Alan was an absolute pleasure. His passion for photography is truly evident in his work. Alan is not only a skilled professional but also a friendly and approachable photographer. Wishing you all the best, Alan Chettan
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